Stage Fright

When Maryam told me she’s busy and I need to update the blog, I thought…oh, no biggie. I mean, it’s just writing random thoughts, mostly stuff about the lounge. How hard can it be?
But this is weird. And scary. I mean I had a blog once and only a few close friends knew about it. But I know lots of people read this blog. And I’m kind of tongue tied, or finger tied in this case. (Was that a bad joke? Should I take it out?)

So…hmm… yeah, the lounge (atleast this isn’t a speech where people can hear the awkward pauses!). Things are looking up after the slow summer and the collective writers block we all seemed to be facing. (Mine, evidently, is here to stay. This post should be further proof of that).
There are new members and lots of activity. We’re at the polling stage for volume three (have you started voting yet?), with the release date being set at January 7th. With a little over three weeks between the end of polling and the actual publishing date, looks like December will be busy for the editors and the finalists.

I was recently “promoted” at the lounge, so I am now going to be a lot more actively involved in the actual working of the site. I have Maryam overlooking all of my administrative activities, but the poor girl needs help shouldering the responsibility! One of my first thoughts logging into the admin panel was: Holy Crap this isnt as simple as I thought.

I can never get over how far we’ve come from our Orkut days, and we all owe it to Maryam for bringing us this far. I thought I’d use this space to acknowledge how much work she’s put into the Lounge.

(And lets face it, when she reads this sorry excuse for a blog entry, I’m going to need something to save me from complete annihilation!)

This might be a good time to stop. Till next time, if there is one!

(And you were going to go vote now, weren’t you?)

2 thoughts on “Stage Fright

  1. :) For some reason, you’ve used the ‘Times’ font as opposed to ‘Georgia’. Let’s keep the font homogeneous, please. The color’s all you…as always! I tried editing it but the dheet thing refuses to budge. Will you do the honors? And I posted something a little relevant regarding our plans, and the development trackbacks and what not. No need to link to it on the front page. If they read yours, they’ll see mine on top. Well done, Clarice! I am proud. :)

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