Settling on Reading Dates

The email’s been sent; the reading is now very much a part of our future. We’ve tentatively rested on March 30th for our first try and don’t expect much of a response starting out, but we do expect to build an audience. It’ll be a slow and largely uphill task, but we’re going to do it!

The pollen’s out in full bloom, causing a lot of people (including yours truly): allergic reactions including watering eyes and constant sneezing, and since we’ll be holding our first reading smack in the middle of the city, where paper mulberry trees flourish, I’m a little worried that my speaking abilities might be hampered. Yes, I will be speaking introducing the website and what we do, introduce the poets etc, which will continue indefinitely. I may or may not be reading out one of my own pieces. But of course, the three core members based in Islamabad will have to be involved in some way to encourage the others (hopefully there will be others).

Meanwhile, if you’ve received the email and are interested, do get in touch with us at the email addresses provided and let your friends know about it too, people who you think will be interested in poetry, short stories and creative ramblings, and who would consider coming up and reading their own work. Much of this is bringing literary awareness into this city in particular and the country in general. We do plan on introducing this in both Lahore and Karachi eventually, but for now…baby steps and once we’ve learnt to stand, we’ll look to branching out.

Once the first reading’s over, we’ll let everyone know where and when the next reading takes place, including putting up an announcement here and including little fliers and what not, as well as the email addresses you can use to reach us. Still a lot to do.

But man…it’s exciting!

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