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It seems the email has been somewhat of a success, with a lot of people showing interest including people not based in Islamabad, but fortuitously visiting Islamabad or shifting here. That’s good news. That shows a degree of interest…I think it’s catching some of us by surprise; I’m more of a cautious optimist. I would be thrilled to have a bulky turnout. It’ll be a little daunting for the first run, but it’s going to be exciting, too.

To those Islamabad members that are interested, we urge you to spread the word. It’d be nice to have a solid turnout for our first venture outward. Details of the event will be emailed to the interested parties, standing by our “invitation only” policy in place for the first reading. Depending on how well it goes, we’ll open up the event to anyone who’s interested. However, we urge you to remember this is a serious event: writers and readers only. If you’re just coming for the free food, forget about it…you’ll just be bored. Spare yourself the agony of seeing writers drone on and on about their work, having readers interact and suggest improvements…unless you’re an active participant. Desi Writers Lounge’s policy towards the indifferent and disinterested isn’t pleasant. Consider this a warning.

As for the rest, come and be merry. Contrary to our reputations…we don’t bite! At least…not on the surface. :)

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