Of White Tigers and Mockingbirds…

With a solid turnout for the book club meet for The Five People You Meet In Heaven, and the meeting lasted just over an hour. Because the book itself was such a light read, the discussion was light enough.

We also chose a new selection, with an overwhelming majority: Harper Lee’s classic, To Kill A Mockingbird. We’ll be meeting on May 22nd to discuss the book.

A Facebook event will be created shortly, where interested participants can RSVP. This is an Islamabad/Pindi event.

The Lahore Book Club is meeting on May 8th, to discuss The White Tiger. You can RSVP to that event, here.



3 thoughts on “Of White Tigers and Mockingbirds…

  1. Hey I just came across this and literally, I'm apalled. I have long planned this and its happening already. I'm truly delighted to know so.
    Can I plz get regular updates on such meetings?? Would really love to be a part of them.
    Btw, are you the same Mariam Paracha who was among the jury at Tamasha's Fiction writing contest??

  2. That would be MarYam and PIracha and yes, I'm the same one :)

    Regarding book club events, a better link would be to our FB group and page…both links of which will be up and running soon, hopefully. But links are up on the right side :)

    Meanwhile, you can email in at info@desiwriterslounge.net for future meeting notifications, if Facebook isn't up and running soon!

  3. Ohk. Apologies for the misspelling.
    And I'm joining the FB group. I hope I'll be getting the latest on book discussions on that page.

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