DWL Lit Bites- Jan 1

Happy New Year, readers! We hope 2016 brings glad tidings for us all. We have very exciting plans for DWL this year so stay tuned. For now, we are back with our weekly round-up of all things literary.

1. Now that 2015 is over and we have put all those books behind us, it is time to mark all the 2016 calendar releases. The Guardian has done some of the search work and compiled this handy-dandy list for us. Bookmark for future use because Jhumpa Lahiri and Julian Barnes all have new books out this year.

2. As a poetry buff, I really enjoyed this feature by The New York Times’ where they asked prominent pop culture celebrities for their favorite poems. This is a fantastic list to pour over for when you need inspiration.

3. And finally, here’s a moving essay on The Millions where the author talks about being an expat. “To be an expat is to always feel slightly on the fringe of things. It is to perpetually be a little lost, to live with the nagging feeling that your life — your real life, the one in which you can speak to the grocer, the pharmacist, or on the phone, the one in which you have your choice of jobs, of friends, of pantry-staples — is happening elsewhere. It is to no longer really belong anywhere; to lose the ability to say, with total assuredness, This is my home.”

What have you been reading/enjoying/watching this week? Do share with us in the comments!


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