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DWL Readers’ Club


Photo by Moazam Rauf

The DWL Readers’ Club is no ordinary book club. Consider it a sort of reading movement. Our manifesto is simple: Read more; Read widely; Read better; Write better. We want to force ourselves out of our reading comfort zones and become more critical readers. We also want to use this to become better writers. Many new writers search high and low for creative writing courses, not realising that books are one of the best sources of both inspiration and technique.


The Readers’ Club officially started in Karachi as an offline DWL activity on 6th June 2013. A few of us met at The Second Floor (T2F) and talked about Nabokov, sci-fi novels and movie adaptations over tea and brownies. After throwing a few names around the table we finally decided to read ‘American Gods’, an award-winning novel by Neil Gaiman. After that, there was no stopping us, and by the end of the year we’d devoured a stunning and diverse array of novels. Before we knew it, Readers’ Clubs started mushrooming in other cities around the world.


The reading movement is growing. Join in, if you haven’t as yet.


For information on the latest DWL Readers’ Club meetings, follow our updates on Facebook at facebook.com/desiwriterslounge or sign up for our mailing lists. You may also contact us through this website if you would like to start a DWL Readers’ Club in your city.


Mailing Lists:


Karachi Readers’ Club: karachi@desiwriterslounge.net
Lahore Readers’ Club: lahore@desiwriterslounge.net
Islamabad Readers’ Club: islamabad@desiwriterslounge.net
London Readers’ Club: london@desiwriterslounge.net
San Francisco Readers’ Club: bayarea@desiwriterslounge.net