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Meet the Team


Shehla Wynne

DWL Associate Director

Former Papercuts Reportage Editor

Shehla has somehow managed to pack several different lives into a few decades. A former scientist, current lawyer, and an occasional writer, she finds herself driven by a love of delineating patterns — either of biological pathways, legally significant facts, or emotions.

Shehla grew up all over Pakistan but proudly considers Lahore home. In 2005, she moved to her second home, Washington, DC, for graduate school. This move coincided with her involvement with DWL. After completing her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, she decided to combine her love for writing and science by pursuing a career in intellectual property law. As a law student at the George Washington University School of Law, Shehla served as the Executive Production Editor of the American Intellectual Property Law Association Quarterly Journal and was an active member of the South Asian Law Student Association. She is currently working for a law firm in Manhattan.

A co-founder of DWL, Shehla has been actively involved with DWL over the years. Her role on the community has morphed with the demands of her career: from DWL community moderator, forum administrator, event planner and Papercuts prose and reportage editor, Shehla is a proud jack-of-all trades on the team. She lends a hand in a variety of management tasks and is always available for ideas and opinions on all DWL projects.