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Papercuts VOLUME 19: The Other Side


Submissions for Papercuts are currently closed. Please check back in a few weeks for our next call for submissions.


Note: Please ONLY submit your work in MS WORD (.DOC/.DOCX) documents attached with the email. We shall NOT consider submissions sent either in any other format (PDF, RTF, OTT, Pages etc.) or as text copied in the body of the email. Please also include the submission title and author’s name in the filename.


Guest Editor: We’re proud to announce that writer, attorney, and columnist Rafia Zakaria will join Papercuts as Guest Editor for the magazine’s Spring 2018 issue, Volume 19: The Other Side.


Ms. Zakaria is the author of The Upstairs Wife: An Intimate History of Pakistan (Beacon, 2015) and Veil (Bloomsbury, 2017). She is a columnist for Pakistani newspaper Dawn, The Guardian, and The Baffler magazine. She also writes the Read Other Women series at the Boston Review.




The theme of our forthcoming issue, “The Other Side,” is intended to prompt authors to move beyond the increasing polarization that characterizes our social and political climates. While recognizing that we’re all positioned a particular way and have specific points of view, the theme invites authors across genres (fiction, poetry, essays) to consider what our positions look like from the other side, so to speak. Can we see the right from the left? Can we see the left from the right?


At a time when authors and critics alike are continuously weighing in on the notion of cultural appropriation, our theme seeks to encourage authors to represent and voice the Other–with whom the authors do not necessarily identify–in a progressive and inclusive manner, without resorting to stereotypes, of course. We are also open to various interpretations of the theme: for instance, the ‘Other’ could be taken to imply not only other people but also objects, and even the supernatural. Overall, we are interested in celebrating multiplicity and polyphony rather than resorting to polarization.


Prose: One short story, original and unpublished, maximum 5,000 words

Poetry: 3 to 5 poems (in one document), original and unpublished, no limit on number of lines

Reportage: 1-2 pitches for creative non fiction essays (in separate documents), original and unpublished, 500-1000 words. If your pitch is selected, we shall commission you to write the essay.

Art: Upto 5 colour pieces at a time.


How to send: Email your entries to editor.papercuts@desiwriterslounge.net with the subject line “Volume 19 (Specify Prose/Poetry/Reportage/Art) Submission” — For example: Volume 19 Poetry Submission.


For all entries, we accept simultaneous submissions as long as you promptly inform us if the piece gets accepted elsewhere. Only entries that get accepted will be acknowledged. Papercuts editors work with the contributors to edit the pieces before publication.




Submissions are only for online publication. None of the works accepted are guaranteed publication in print. Papercuts editors will make the decision for print content and notify selected contributors separately.


Payment: We regret that we cannot pay for submissions at this time. Print contributors receive a complimentary copy.


Copyrights: For all published pieces, Papercuts magazine retains first publication rights. After publication, the rights revert back to the writers. We request you to grant us the permission to archive the work online permanently. Once the piece is published in Papercuts, writers are free to publish it elsewhere but we request writers to credit Papercuts with the first publication.