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Volume 10

From Pulp To Postmodern: A Tribute - July 2012


Asmara Malik

Written by
Asmara Malik

Asmara Malik can usually be found lurking at http://elmara.deviantart.com [link], where she has, to-date, been awarded six Daily Deviations in Literature. She was one of the eight winners of the LUMS Young Writers Workshop & Short Story Contest 2013. She was short-listed for the Matthew Rocca Poetry Award by Verandah, an Australian journal of art, design and literature. Her work has appeared in Karachi: Our Stories in Our Words (OUP, Pakistan), Papercuts, Poets & Artists, Sparkbright, Read This Magazine and Breadcrumb Scabs, among others.


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A Ghazal for Naga


If I were to marry, I would marry you– your mother’s dupatta, blood-red and gold,
draped across your shoulders as you stood knee-deep in the Sea, colder than a snake.

My father’s white sherwaani is my second skin; a security. The unknown writhes reptilian.
I am fearless; the boa of memory does not constrict me, it coils, a nostalgic snake.

You are another degree of descent; you speak of deserts buried beneath our Sea.
There the fangs of our fathers are mountains, you say, the depths are as patient as a snake.

I kiss the tracery of veins beneath your wrist. The sands are not kind to such reminisce.
My tears dry in Sindh’s sun to the dust of crusted salt, pale scales on an ancient snake.

Karachi’s cold azaans creep upon my bones. You demon-lovers weep from abandoned rooftops.
You are Indus; a liar, shifting with each millennia; a desert-forming snake.

Copper amulets shuddering on your arms, anoint me in the bone-dust of Mohanje-daro.
Wed me in the Sea, eternity coiled around us. Thus, Metamorphosis is named the first snake.



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