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Volume 3

Spring 2008


Written by
Areej Siddiqui

Areej is a Saudi-born Pakistani citizen, now doing her B.A. in Ontario, Canada. Areej officially studies English and Philosophy but can be found at all hours gobbling up a book on something or other. While being a devoted DWL-ite, she is also (very much by luck, chance) a Poetry Editor at The Missing Slate. She happens to write poetry that some deem publishable, also by luck, chance, and in her spare time (if an undergraduate student can claim to have such a thing) she indulges in copious amounts of bad television and cheesy movies about kittens. Her favourite word at the time of writing this bio is "silly."


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Cabin in the Woods



She sits alone in a corner of a dark room, the barren wall against her back as she breathes in cold air, shivering, content – she has turned the heating off.
It is not helplessness, you see.

It is complete, and absolute power.

What is it the mind fears about dark rooms and loneliness? Since when do personal demons vanish by light?

She sits huddled, (though she must not say it), frightened, but at peace. Alone – safe. Being with nothing but her complete self.

The sound of her heartbeat resonates against the walls. The rest is silence.

She waits. Breathe in.

Muffled footsteps outside.

Breathe out.

Good. He will be here any second. He will find her now.

“You ready?”



“We talked about this earlier.”

“I know.”

“You agreed.”

“I know.”

“Stop thinking that.”

“Thinking what?”

“That I want you to save me. I don’t.”

“You’re my world.”

“Don’t do this now, please. Just get it over with.”

“We’ll work this out, together. Things will -”

“Just. Get it over with.”

He stares at the floor. She looks at him, waiting.

“What do I do…after?” (Still staring.)

“Just leave.”

“You’ve…left everything in order?”

“I’ve thought about this a long time before I told you.”

“You know I – ”

“I do too.”

Gun shot. The sound of wings fluttering away. Muffled footsteps outside.

She is found.



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