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Volume 11

Prequel - January 2013


Saheli Khastagir

Written by
Saheli Khastagir

I am doing my Masters' in Psychology from Delhi University. My poems have appeared in "Eye on Life magazine", "Haggard and Halloo" and a new one out in the Jan-Feb issue of "Reading Hour"; I also have fiction forthcoming in "The Kite Journal". My paintings can be found at http://sahelikhastagir.tumblr.com/. I like mountains more than the sea; and tea more than coffee. I blog at http://sahelik.blogspot.in/.


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Fetal – The Tale of my Abduction


It’s dark in here.
I hear voices,
not mine.

This place
is made of water
and love.

That word, she said,
that’s my name, I think.

This house
is on a sea.
It heaves
-up, down. up, down.
I like her voice.
I think she’s mine.

I am a miracle.
Things grow out of me.
I am the soil.
I change every day.
How nicely I grow.
How strongly I kick.
Is this all me?

I am a marvel.
These grooves, those creases.
I am lost in my own discovery.
Is this all me?

Someone pushes those walls
-the rubbery strength of safety,
tearing my blanket
-the soft drape of numbness.

Lights startle me.
Hands frighten me.
Wretched, unwanted
-she throws me in these lights, those hands.

This world wears white coats and blue caps
and smells of nausea.
I feel the steel taste of life.
I am heavy with exhaustion,
I carry my own weight.
Where his hands stop, my I starts

except, when she takes me in hers
-I am lost again.
Her body is made of milk and love.
Her milk is my numbness
-the sweet taste of oblivion.
I am not hers anymore,
but we can pretend for a while.



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