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Volume 1

Spring 2007


Written by
Areej Siddiqui

Areej is a Saudi-born Pakistani citizen, now doing her B.A. in Ontario, Canada. Areej officially studies English and Philosophy but can be found at all hours gobbling up a book on something or other. While being a devoted DWL-ite, she is also (very much by luck, chance) a Poetry Editor at The Missing Slate. She happens to write poetry that some deem publishable, also by luck, chance, and in her spare time (if an undergraduate student can claim to have such a thing) she indulges in copious amounts of bad television and cheesy movies about kittens. Her favourite word at the time of writing this bio is "silly."


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Paradox of Pain



The fire in your eyes
illuminating the night
I see you darling
You burn brighter than the stars tonight
Flaming anger, rage, might


Black ashes of your soul scatter
dissipated by the wind
Charring the earth you step on
Mouth twisted, forceful grin


Veneer upon facade of power
Pushing you down; the horror
Heard him scream
Watched him bleed
Fall to his knees
Surrender to thee

Its not you that wears the mask
The mask has begun to wear you
searing visions in your mind
haunting voices from behind

I know you hear the words
and you’re too weak to fight
go ahead and do it
you’re blinded by the light

This is indeed the paradox of pain;
The more you give the more you gain

Hands blood gilded
Its not yours, you killed it
Wash the stains, maddened frenzy
You’re the victim of your fury

An eternity after
when to dust you return
I stand reading your epitaph
wherein it is burned

“There is indeed a paradox of pain;
The more you give, the more you gain.”



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