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Volume 17

Appetite - Spring 2017


Written by
Omer Wahaj

Take 4 parts physics, 2 parts marketing, 16 parts music, 11 parts writing, and what do you get? A whole lot of parts would be one answer. Omer Wahaj is an amalgamation of all these and more: an independent journalist/writer and a part-time musician currently living in Toronto. He has written several short stories and is currently working on a few humorous/satirical novels. Omer occasionally DJs and has produced an eclectic mix of music in various genres of electronica. He also enjoys being an illeist. Follow Omer on Twitter @omerwahaj


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Playlist: Songs for the Gut


Food. Drink. Drugs. Sex. Destruction; we can have an appetite for all these things and more, longing and yearning for the next bite, sip, hit, or release. Since indulgence and gratification require all of your senses, a thematic playlist is included along with this issue of “Appetite.” Keeping this motif in mind, I have compiled a list of tracks that are interlinked, not just thematically but also in terms of how each track euphoniously follows the previous one and leads on to the next.

The songs range from some very obvious choices where the clue is in the title, such as “Taste It” by INXS, to songs where the idea of appetite is hidden in the lyrics, such as “I’m a mean machine, been drinkin’ gasoline, and honey you can make my motor hum” in Guns N’ Roses’ “Nightrain,” which incidentally is a song taken from their debut album Appetite for Destruction.

Year 2016 was a terrible year where we lost some of the greatest musicians of our times, which is why this playlist would not have been complete without homages to David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, George Michael, and Junaid Jamshed.

Hope you enjoy the music.





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