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Volume 12

Dog Eat Dog - December 2013


Written by
Kathryn Yuen

Kathryn is a football-widow, long-term and long-suffering wife and mother of four. She reminds herself daily she is also blessed. Her vices/qualities include a lovely and sordid imagination, denial, distraction, and being an enabler to stories. Her formal qualifications and experience are not in writing or theatre. She started writing in 2011 after she had to be pushed onto a comedy stage. She also does theatre reviews for print and radio, writes short and long stories, and has performed as a storyteller. She has been published in print and online, and has had plays produced and read on stage. She like words and silences… and the pictures they paint. She believes writers should be free to write uncensored. She thinks poets, comedians, and playwrights are rock stars.


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Scar Tissue


Steel succumbs to air, water, time –

Imposing skyscrapers are

dismantled by nature

without man around

to maintain their structures

A man’s joyous birth quickly turns to

             a last weak gasp from a corroded body


Nature takes less

than a lifetime to reclaim him

for compost

A baby daughter born into

a poor rural village

becomes more valued

as live fresh squirming pig feed

Big pigs salivate and masticate

Pork Choppers flossed with human DNA

The only joy

             is swine not going hungry.


On the first-world urban frontline,

stiff with rigor mortis

heart perma-chilled

baby fat depleted

skin yellowed

no re-thaw potential of any worth

not for human consumption or

black-market organ trade

a still-life in infinite slumber

awaiting the warmth of a delayed spring

is offered up for city council’s clean-up collection

welcomed by crushing arms and compacting jaws

of a houseproud, territorial litter truck


bub’s cadaver could have been recycled

a dead mule stuffed with drugs

smuggled through customs in the arms of

a female acid-washed of motherly instincts


Politicians avert their eyes

on cue with

dramatic ‘humility’

no little bundle of joy

doing good for mother earth as future compost

no burden on a non-existent or crook welfare system

‘the world is the way it is’


And about our innocent displaced siblings

stranded in civil strife who’ll starve silently

off-our-screen, off-our-radar:

Not on ‘our watch’


‘not on today’s agenda’


Man does his best to save Himself.



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