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Volume 15

Fables and Folklore - Fall 2015

About the Issue

Musharraf Ali Farooqi

Written by
Musharraf Ali Farooqi

Musharraf Ali Farooqi is an author, novelist and translator. He writes the monthly Microtalk column for Livemint, which explores the myths and legends of the subcontinent. Follow him on twitter @micromaf​.​


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Guest Editor’s Note


The myths are the first plots, the first stories humans imagined. They continue to shape our imagination in how we see the world and write about it. This issue of Papercuts, themed Fables and Folklore, makes an attempt to put together an anthology of fictions, essays, and translations that invent, rework, and discuss the mysterious and even question their essence. The reader will find herein a good sampling of mostly-South Asian contemporary writers starting out and experimenting in this genre.

A few words about my role as guest editor for this magazine are perhaps appropriate. This issue of Papercuts is the first being edited by someone from outside the editorial team of the Desi Writers’ Lounge (DWL). The out-going Papercuts Editor, Afia Aslam, was kind enough to invite me to work with her team to bring out this issue, because of my interest in the classical and occult literature which dwells on the themes mentioned above. My interest in this genre grew with my work as a translator, and has continued with my current work in both fiction and non-fiction. At the editorial stage, the essential hard work of selecting, editing, and the final presentation of text was performed by the Papercuts editors. It retained the editorial continuity and integrity of the process. I worked with Shehla Wynne, the current Associate Editor, as the shortlisted and edited articles were sent to me, providing occasional feedback and some context if I felt a piece could benefit from it.

Having followed Papercuts and DWL over the years – and having witnessed how the enthusiastic editors have cultivated the core team, and built the platform and different projects – it was my honour to serve with them in my capacity.



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