E-Zine Structural Changes

Editing has yet to begin, but that’s mainly because we’ve put a new policy in place for e-zine selection. It took us 3.5 hours last Sunday to go through only two sections (The Abstract Thinker and The Poet), even though we left no room for idle chit chat. Because of the large quantity of material we had to deal with in this 6 month term, we’ve realized that maybe a meeting is not the best of ideas to get the job done. Enter Google Docs. Our resident “editor in chief” has put up an excel document that trajectorizes who voted for what, who’s responsible for what and in general, where they’re at in the editing business. It’s a transition from the way we worked to the way we will be working from this issue onward. It’ll be helpful to know where the individual editors stand on their individual pieces so when the executive call comes around, the chief ed knows what to do.

Meanwhile, please know that because your pieces have made it past Round 1: Selection and into Round 2: Editing, this does not necessarily equate that they’ll make it into the e-zine itself. If the pieces are found to be lacking in any way, or the editor feels the end result was not satisfactory, they will be stricken from the issue. There are some that have already been sidelined, and are subject to a substantial edit to be given e-zine accreditation. Please know that this is all subject to quality only, and it’s not personal.

Having said that, once everything is finalized and we’re ready to launch Phase 2: E-Mentoring, the respective authors will be introduced to their editors and the editing will begin.

Publication of Volume 4 is slated for January, 2009.

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