Exciting Reading Challenge

I stumbled across Swapna Krishna’s 2011 South Asian Reading Challenge quite by chance last week. And am I glad I did! Started in 2010, the goal of the SA Reading Challenge is to promote books on South Asia or by South Asian writers. Participants sign up to read as many books as possible that fit the criteria, in a year. What I found most interesting about the challenge were the fun ‘levels’ Swapna has created for the participants. I’m listing them below:

South Asian Encounter – 1 book
South Asian Wanderer – 3 books
South Asian Explorer – 5 books
South Asian Adventurer – 7 books
South Asian Hero/Heroine – 10 books
South Asian Guru – Over 10 books

Papercuts Editor and DWL Co-founder Afia Aslam has already signed up! Do you think you can be a South Asian Guru in 2011? Sign up here.

2 thoughts on “Exciting Reading Challenge

  1. This is fabulous! I’ve always wanted a database of South Asian literature at my fingertips. I already see a bunch of books I intend to read. Thanks for pointing this out, Shehla!

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