DWL Reading: Part Deux

The date for our next reading has tentatively been set for Sunday, May 24 2008. Venues will be announced once we’ve received confirmation. If you’re in Islamabad and you want to participate, please begin sending in your pieces to readings@desiwriterslounge.net. While we cannot promise that your work will be read out, given the time limitations we have, you are encouraged to participate nonetheless, if not in a reading capacity then in a listening and critiquing one. Our readings are more along the lines of workshops, so if you’re interested (and keeping this in mind), drop us a line.

Readings are planned throughout the summer with a six week lapse between each which means late May, late June-early July and late August.

The second reading in the series will have time lines and specific durations for which a piece can be read and critiqued, to ensure that we can fit in at the very least, three pieces in one sitting including breaking for tea.

Though this has not been promoted as such, as our other readings have been planned, we will still be announcing the venue, time and date of the reading on both this blog and the main website. So if you’re interested in participating in whatever capacity, please email us by May 17th so we can make the necessary arrangements.

That’s it.


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