DWL E-Zine Columns

We’ve found a solution to the prose problem: regular columns. The columns authors may or may not change with every new issue, thereby bringing new voices to the fold. In any case, having columns will bring something new to the e-zine issues laid out thus far.

A thread has been opened in the forums for brainstorming. We’re hoping for columns a little outside of the run of the mill content that’s usually housed in local magazines and newspapers, catering for the writing crowd. Also things that aren’t restricted to Pakistan; given that our members range from India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and other parts of the South Asian area. For that matter, we’ve been getting hits from as far as France, England, Iceland (one of our members resides there…he isn’t desi, for the record) etc. So content needs to be written with that in mind.

If you have any ideas up your sleeve and are a member, head on over to the forums. Chances are, you were on the receiving end of a member wide email with the URL to the discussion thread, included. If you aren’t a member and would still like in on the brainstorming, post your ideas and suggestions in the comments and we’ll credit you if the idea gains approval.

Meanwhile, the follow up reading’s still somewhere up ahead. We’ve decided to have readings every six weeks, instead of every month. This way, it’ll be a little easier for the moderators/organizers to set things up nicely as well as ensure maximum participation. It’s generally acknowledged May’s the time when most people have taken their respective exams. No dates have been finalized yet. However, when they are announced they will be done so both here as well as on our main website. If anyone’s interested to attend as a reader, send in your stuff and we’ll select which pieces will be read out and discussed in detail. From previous experience, we’ve seen the most we can do is 4 pieces. This time, we’ll need to set a time limit to discuss each piece so we can then move on and try to cover more.

So as always, if you’re interested send in your stuff at readings@desiwriterslounge.net and we’ll email you back if your work’s a confirmed read. Whether or not your work is selected for the reading, we encourage you to attend the event nonetheless. This isn’t a closed event, although we’re not marketing it beyond the blog and website. The third or fourth readings will be broadcasted more broadly.

Meanwhile, post away in the comments.