The Bitch is Back

It’s got nothing to do with pricing – I would be more than happy to outsource to someone who gives me the impression he/she’s actually read the document – supplied his/her own suggestions and is enthusiastic for the project. But finding someone like that is incredibly rare. Not totally impossible of course, but rare. Besides I’d also like to know all the money and time I’m investing in this will pay off when it comes to our members. But people are such unpredictable, thankless and selfish creatures, don’t you think?

So I’m kicking off a new campaign: Tough Love. I want to up quality – when someone searches my name after a particularly successful run on another website – locates the Lounge and finds my work better, it’s sad. Flattering most definitely, but also completely sad. Because a lot of work’s gone into it, and we’re obviously not doing enough of a good job. But why base my opinion on the comments of one person, right? I’m not. Yeah, the truth hurts. Our traffic is down – we’re bringing people to the site but aren’t keeping their attention long enough to stay there – it’s down to one thing, and one thing alone that can attract the kind of people we’re looking for: Content. Bitchy, tough loving me has been reborn and doesn’t seem to want to leave. At least not any time soon.

I believe if you push people to be their best, they can get there. I would know. The Desi Writers have been doing it to me for the last two years, most especially when we were on Orkut, still unsure of what to say and what not to. It’s the tough love that gets you going, that gets you thinking, that makes you say: Fuck it but starts those wheels turning, nonetheless. It’s by telling them you believe in better, by saying ‘I expect something more’ that makes them push for it. It’s a constant drill – painful to watch often, and more specifically, to be a part of – to see them struggling, but knowing, inevitably that the result will be the biggest payoff ever. To both you and them.

I’m all in for giving us time to grow and all that jazz, but it’s been far too long and it’s time now. Time to take things into our own hands, instead of hoping for people to come around. Because here’s a thought: they never will. That’s just what people are. They’re lazy. Unless someone starts blowing a whistle. And you see this thing around my neck? It’s the proverbial whistle.

And it’s screaming.

All aboard?

2 thoughts on “The Bitch is Back

  1. I guess I have little authorty here as I have not posted a single thing. But for what ever my words are worth, I think you, we, should stick it out. When that spark or adaptation of the mind hits us, we at least have a place to go to, a place to vent it out. I am waiting for that moment myself. I am not really able to write in english, and as of yet have not found my true voice in this language.

    But as I have broken this particular silence here, I might just add. I feel like we need a litte more risk in our writing here. A little more daring. More blood ( our own ). I have a vague feeling that it might be a lack of courage. Too much hiding. And the feeling of bringing shame to one self by revealing the core of one’s being; and thus the core of our being.

    Perhaps this is just my version of what writing must entail to be considered good. The “Oompf!” of the thing.

    At the moment I am a perculator. Waiting as english words are seeping into my brain. Exchanging writing languages takes time of subcontions digestion it seems. Hope to be ready soon to try out my skills in this new and foreign tongue. I hope you will bear with me as I will undoubtedly make loads of mistakes.

    Ps. I miss one feature in the forums. The one that would show me whitch postings I have already read, and the ones I have not read. And a notification by email of replies. ( This is implemented by cookies. As you are probably aware of. )


  2. For fear of turning the discussion into one about the site, regarding the last point, there’s a link on the top for ‘view posts since last visits’ and there’s also a checkbox for when you’re replying to a topic to keep abreast of any replies.

    Since I’m washing my hands of any and all development on the site, it’s a point I will consider in our redeployment.

    And as for the other stuff, you may be right. But really, we have to get out there. Can’t let fear get the best of us. Nor should we.

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