Be Careful What You Wish For

I always wondered whether I would live through a ruckus of a political situation, use it as a backdrop for my stories, and portray the picture of my country as I knew it. That was before I knew November 03, 2007 was on the horizon.

This post isn’t writing related, granted or even remotely related to the website or community. It’s a condemnation against the General, for what he’s done and what undoubtedly, he will do. Because local news channels have mysteriously disappeared and the lone international channel standing (BBC) at about 6-7pm last evening, zapped out shortly thereafter. The only form of actual news we’ve got left is what’s on the Internet, where thankfully, the government hasn’t banned news sites. Imagine getting news about your own country from the Internet, because you know the local media’s only reporting what the government wants them to, facing imprisonment otherwise.

Today I attend a desi writer’s wedding, and having discussed it with a new member yesterday, I realize just how far we’ve come together. From strangers to writer buddies to friends, we’ve made amazing progress in very little time. And at last, the forums are alive and kicking…in fact, there’s such a plethora of new material, I’m finding it difficult to catch up on my reading (especially after once again committing to the book club’s Les Miserables pick), which naturally includes any comments/feedback/critique I may have to give.

Will write more tomorrow — there’s far too much going on today.

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