Designs, Looks and Logos

We hope to start revamping the site soon, with a new look and definitely our own unique logo. The hunt for the perfect design team continues as poor MP is driven up a wall. The mods are trying to assist her to the best of our abilities, but obviously feedback from all of the members and readers would be appreciated too. I just thought I’d use this space to ask you for any feedback relating to design issues.

Some things to consider: what do you think of the current main web page? What is your opinion on the ezine displaying on the main page? How do you feel about covers for each issue of the ezine? Do you think we should stick to a classical look for our main page or go with something extremely daring?

On a side note: the Writers Guild strike continues, and with almost no new tv (no House, no Grey’s) till Jan, its been a really entertainment starved week! Maybe its time to finally get cracking on the piled up reading?