Officially 12 AM

What an eventful year it’s been, not just politically in Pakistan and other countries as a whole, but for the ‘Lounge in particular. We have successfully released 2 issues and planned for the third. We have done what we set out to do, and this new year will see the ends of other beginnings, hopefully, culminating in the fulfillment of the various dreams of our different founding members.

I’ll admit to being a little tired with having received no less than four happy new years when 2007 wasn’t over yet. I prefer bestowing my wishes when we’ve actually successfully ended an old one…call me picky, but there it is.

A very happy new year to all members, writers, readers, critics, whatever your role in may be or for that matter, if you haven’t read us yet; from the Team as a collective.

For those of you wondering why we haven’t brought out Vol 3 yet, please see the posts below. You will be seeing it, however, some time late January. We are entering, what we like to call the Editing Stage. Things were a lot rosier when pieces were up for selection…the real clash of egos begins now…


Happy, happy 2008!