Special Update

If you’ve been wondering about the recent lack of activity on the forums, please know that it might have something to do with the situation in the country. I know that some members in Islamabad have lost access to the internet in the aftermath of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. We can’t say at the moment if this will affect the vol 3 publication date in any way. Hopefully, once the three day mourning period is over, life will slowly inch its way back to normalcy.

Hope everyone is staying safe!

3 thoughts on “Special Update

  1. I really don’t think this is going to affect the e-zine publication date, seeing as how I’ve already pushed it back on numerous occasions. I think it’s safe to say: it won’t be published until and unless it is absolutely perfect…because it will kick off our marketing campaign in many ways. So seeing publication in late Jan or early to mid Feb, is a very strong possibility, the recent political situations in the country notwithstanding. Pakistan has been, over the past 11 months, a severely politicized state. This was just another nail. We will work around this.

  2. Just meant in terms of internet access and communication between the editors and moderators, if we continue to have spotty internet. Though I can’t imagine it lasting for THAT long!

  3. Please note: I said ‘recent political situations notwithstanding’. I haven’t been in any particular hurry with this volume, primarily because of the focus on both quality and the realization that this will jumpstart our marketability. We must spend time on making this as best as it can be.

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