A Case of Misalignment

So those of you viewing our newly designed site in Internet Explorer might have realized something is seriously wrong with the alignment of things. The gray navigation bar is huge and the logo and textual ads above are being significantly hidden. Firefox (God blessed OpenSource), on the other hand, is displaying everything as it should be.

This is a fault on our side which we are trying very hard to correct. So at Monday at the very latest, this problem should be resolved. We marvel at your patience to overlook this unbearable eyesore. Kudos! But rest assured, we are working hard trying to fix things.

Meanwhile, it seems our little ‘Invite People’ feature in the forums has begun to attract a little buzz with members inviting their friends and the friends actually registering. So yaay.

E-Zine publication dates have been pushed back to Feb 1 as mentioned in my previous post, and the editors are as always, hard at work with their writers trying to make things right. Once I have all pieces, the task of compiling and finalizing the selected pieces will make the rounds. If your piece was edited and worked on but did not make it into the e-zine, I apologize profusely now. But we have limitations and the highest, utmost focus on quality. Some pieces were put on the back burner subject to heavy edits, and if the editing virtually transforms the piece into something amazing and brilliant, especially when taken into consideration, its earlier look, it will find its place. Of course, the editor’s own recommendation counts. Is he/she satisfied at the end of the day with the way things turned out, or could they have been a little better…etc, etc. All this will be taken into consideration with the final selection.

When the website looks as it should including the e-zine layout, etc…we’ll formally announce the reading with an absolute date. We won’t be giving out venues, however since as mentioned earlier, for the first reading we’re asking our members residing in Islamabad to invite their friends and people they know. An invitation only event, so to speak. With the next in the series, we’ll open things up depending on what the turnout for the first will be.

Till then there are still things left to resolve, and trust me, we’re absolutely busy with that! Judging by our site’s statistics, the number of people visiting with Internet Explorer only narrowly override those with Firefox, but because the majority still uses IE and the alignment problem is showing up there, it needs to be resolved immediately.

Meanwhile, the forums’ new look is very much functional and very much us, so head on over. Join us–be heard, be inspired!