Server Rumbles…?

So having recently switched to Wateen’s “future”, a pun to their advertisements of course, I have since been having weird troubles with accessing Desi Writers Lounge’s servers, although this problem was fluctuating with my previous provider. Since I have no other means to ask (I can’t access this website ‘o mine), has anyone been experiencing sporadic moments of downtime on the website? Please let me know, and those who view this, please tell other members about this entry so we can resolve this problem…or for that matter, determine whether or not this is even a problem.

Fortunately, there is a solution out of this: we can switch servers. This of course, brings its own set of headaches. Anyway, if this is a universal problem, then the answer is definite: we switch. If, however, if it isn’t…well, that’s my problem isn’t it? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Server Rumbles…?

  1. hello, ur server seems to be fine, but refusing ur wateen’s IP i guess ?(mine aswell) Anyways, i was able to get to it anonymously. I use Your Freedom for anonym going.
    I say u also put this into wateen ppl ears that their IP’s have started being black listed.

    I will also double check from my office, and hence confirm that its the wateen’s IP thats keeping u away!


  2. ok, i tried accesing ur website from office, but it’s not working here as well, so it seems there might be a problem with the server !

  3. I can’t seem to log in. Thought there was something wrong with my connection but all other sites are working fine ^_^” So yes, I think it is a problem.

  4. Aha! It’s official: it’s the server. I’m giving the evil eye to GoDaddy right about now. Thank you, Imaginary, for confirming what Shahbaz here and yours truly have already realized. Dundun. This means we’re going to be going offline one of these days, to make the switch. Oh well!

  5. Yup, I always thought its my connection at home, but even on campus I get the “cannot open site” blah blah message more often than not.

    Ugh. Remember the orkut days with the donut hungry server?

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