The Question…

‘ello peeps. Yes, I realize that that’s a little uncustomary of me and what follows will continue in that vein. So to cut a long story short, I’m pasting the exact same thing I said on the forums for our non-member viewing pleasure.

“Hello everyone,

I realize the publication date has been pushed forward repeatedly. Just wanted everyone to know that I’ve been extremely busy lately, haven’t had time for anything including *gasp* all things Lounge related. I only recently penned a story, which I am ecstatic about…and that was on the only weekend I’ve been lucky enough to get off.

Along with that, the Internet on my end has been spotty though everything’s been resolved now. Glory be! I guess the only thing left to do now is to actually put up them pieces. Please note: not everyone who was contacted and worked with an editor, has made the cut. In fact, several pieces have been slashed (how very horror fest of me) to showcase the ones, in this humble editor’s opinion (I played no part in actually working with any of the writers. I’m just the evil one who goes down and sucks the life out of people…it’s late and I’m writing this in bed, reminding myself I need to be up early, so forgive the dramatics) that spoke for themselves.

This weekend was supposed to be The Weekend where I could put everything up, and my thanks go especially to Clarice who has worked with me on this. She’s really done more than I could ask from her.

Anyway, this weekend was also my only weekend off and I am not ashamed to say that I put my own writing and leisurely activities before this. However, in my defense, the site wasn’t working for me today. It’s working now, and I’m assuming that whatever fiber optic cable was damaged, has since been repaired. Otherwise, I’m doomed obviously.

So to sum it up, I know things haven’t gone according to plan but I do remember the e-zine and it will be released this month. Who knows? Maybe I might coordinate it with my birthday? Or better yet, hold out for a day, and give you all a Valentine’s Day gift. 🙂