Reading No. 3 Venue Possibilities, Possibilities

We’ll be scoping out The Academy of Letters’ Writers House today for a chance to see what it’d be like if we had our reading there. Aside from the fact that it’s a little farther away from the mostly central locations of our previous readings, (it’s in the Shifa Hospital area), it might be an excellent place. To answer the “might”s, we’re making our way there.

In other news, the mass marketing campaign mentioned much, much earlier is moving towards a green light. We’re drafting action plans for that process, thinking about advertising our website as well as our readings and generally subdividing responsibilities in the forum. While as currently, our moderators are responsible for the entire forums, they’ll be responsible for specific forums, where their word will be law (no, no I jest. My word will still be law! :D). But you get the gist of it.

Again, we’re asking local designers out there, or who know other locals, to please email us in (my email address is in the profile) and let us know whether or not they’d be interested. I have an international guy, but since we don’t know the current going price, I can’t be sure whether it’s perfect or overpriced. So come on, peeps! Show us that creativity you have holed within you!

Not much else going on. Reading’s in July. The email went out yesterday. If you’re interested in sending in your work, member or not, please do so to . Surprise me! 🙂