Kapow! Bam! Splat! Introducing the Millenials…

From what started as a casual discussion of impending milestones for our members approaching 1,000 posts and a suited name for them (we settled on the “Millenials”, courtesy of one of our only members who’s reached the coveted spot, JC), and an elaborate comicbook type plot perpetuated by the aforementioned member, the idea has taken root and is now blooming into a full fledged comic strip idea, to be featured on our website once the characters have been sketched out.

For now, there are just two three four in the Millenial gang – Justice Jalal, the Mpress, Sahylar and Darth Noor (a shoutout to Star Wars fans everywhere!) – however, they will soon be joined by Imaginary and clarice – the purple princess. Our members have been alarmingly good sports about this, and have accepted their “millenial” names as their forum personas.

So while the Millenials mayn’t be making their first official appearance until after the E-Zine debuts in mid-late Jan, 2009 they will be seen sometime after that.

What do you guys think about the idea? Interested, curious or turned off entirely at the idea of literary superheroes battling it out with the worst enemies of writers everywhere? Comment away!

Edited: To include S and DN, our latest Millenial(s).

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