Crossing Borders

Well, it happened and while it mayn’t have been everything hoped for (for one, we couldn’t get the visual stuff to work unfortunately!), it was still a kick ass meeting! At the peak of things, we were on three continents, spanning six cities all across the globe and we got to hear the voices of the participants. Not to mention, we talked about everything under the sun. A small clip might be uploaded or not, depending on what we’re willing to disclose.

Meanwhile, the chat log will be uploaded on the forums relatively uncensored. We managed to record a portion of the teleconference so there may be something for posterity (the audio part, that is–the chat log was separate).

But yes, this was one for history and the search for the elusive and perfect videoconferencing software continues. We may have to invest in something on a later date if this becomes a permanent fixture.

Here’s to a new year full of new possibilities!