Selections Finalized; Writers Informed of Decision

It wasn’t easy. The path was long and winding, especially in lieu of the new clause of involving the respective editors in any final decisions concerning the work they were responsible for. But it’s done. The task of wading through the 34 (out of the approximate 1-200 we started with) or so pieces that were brought forward for final e-zine consideration subject to the grueling editing process, has concluded.

14 pieces were struck from the final line up resulting in a medley of poetry, prose and the abstract fusion of both. Two pieces are still awaiting judgment, but the couple not withstanding, 18-20 pieces will be up for display this January 25th, 2009.

Yes, a date has finally been set.

Guess we’ll see you there!

And now? Allow us to take a breather before going through the whole process all over again in April-July ’09.