DWL & The Paper Microphone Cafe

If you’ve taken a trip to our website recently, you’ll notice an announcement on the Open Mic nights held by The Paper Microphone Cafe. And if you’ve been following our reading announcements, you may have noticed our reading will be taking place at the cafe as well. We have formed a verbal commitment with the cafe to host our events there, which currently include readings, book clubs and possibly an invite only game night (if you know someone who knows a desi writer, your chances are great).

Our reading is taking place on March 28th at 5PM sharp with the bulk of the material being presented by our own members. Realizing the guts it takes to read out your own material to a bunch of people you don’t really know, our members have stepped up to take care of things. We’re hoping, however, that after this reading more people outside of the fold will step forward with their material.

We will be announcing our book club during the reading to gauge interest as well as put it to a democratic vote on what book we should start with, using the shortlisted books we’ve settled on.

So there are a few events coming up for the remainder of ’09. As of this reading, attendees can register in advance to show their support (and attendance). If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us at info@desiwriterslounge.net.

That’s it!

ETA: Entirely forgot to mention we’re creating a Desi Writers Lounge corner at the cafe allowing interested writers to jot down their thoughts on our letterhead, and either leave it at the cafe for open display on our site or take it with them if they’d rather not share. We’ll detail this further in our next post. But to sum up, we’ll be incorporating our columns (One Day, Two Minutes; A Writer’s Journal, The B*tch Letters and Khutt) on hard copy, along with a folder containing our past e-zine issues.