Game Night Announced…at last!

August 8th. Be prepared to bring your best game, a healthy sense of competition and a whole lotta fun. We’re finally bringing out our Game Night, featuring family classics like Boggle and Scrabble and newer additions like Balderdash and Taboo. Bringing the family activity to a cafe and opening up DWL to as much as it can be opened, with being a members-only event.

But don’t let the members-only tag fool you. Members can invite whoever they want to, so if you’re a member or know a member, good for you. The reason that we’re not opening things up is to gauge interest for the event. If we have substantial interest, we will open things up. Hopefully. We have a thread over on the Coordinations, Coordinations board of the forums where we’re encouraging registrations.

There will also be a cover of Rs 100. This marks the first time that we’re charging for one of our events, and since the amount is nominal at best, we hope this won’t deter participants from taking part in what promises to be a lot of fun.

If the event takes off, we might just include other games like Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit and any other games requested by participants.

Comments, questions, suggestions? You can always mail them to or write them in the comments.

We’re boldly going where we’ve never gone before. Here’s hoping we come out of this in one piece.