Mixers, Competitions, Publication…It’s All Happening (Hopefully)

Having met up with Nadine yesterday, we came back with much brainstorming to do and a whole lotta events on the brain. For starters, we have our own little section for event notifications over at the Paper Microphone Cafe so you’ll see us setting camp over there. Also, we’ve opened up Game Night to the public, instead of making it an invite only event, so hopefully that should help things along. It probably doesn’t matter now though, registration wise, as long as you show up and are prepared to fork over the Rs 100 admittance fee and agree to order. You will get the fee back in a way, however, because we’re planning on issuing cash prizes to winners which ups the stakes…by a whole lot. More people means more cash, means a whole different ball game. So spread the word to people you think will be interested in playing them wordy games. 🙂

We’re planning for the “official” launch of the DWL Corner with Game Night which is on August 8 at 6pm at the cafe. Aside from that, we’re also thinking of holding a formal mixer for writers, editors and publishers to all meet in one location, and discuss possible future collaborations held jointly under the Desi Writers Lounge and Paper Microphone banners. The DWL Corner may become a vantage point for editors and publishers to scope out new talent. So…yaay!
Another thing that is now most definitely on our horizon, post Vol 5 e-zine publication, is bringing out our own collection of short stories and poems. We need to compile the work into something presentable before pitching it forward to interested parties.
Writer and theater workshops are also on our list of things to get around to doing as and when the resources become available. Along with this, we’re thinking of hosting a scripwriting competition, which would result in the winning playwright getting the chance of converting his/her play into a fullscale theatrical production, with no other than Osman Khalid Butt aka our Poetry Editor, as a mentor and director. It would be a great experience for any budding playwright, and something for which we are incredibly excited. We’re hoping to launch that event either by the end of this year or some time in 2010.
And throughout all this, we’re still going to continue with the book club and readings as the hallmark of what Desi Writers Lounge is all about, in essentials.
So there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming months. Hope to see you guys at some, if not all our ventures. Everything is full of possibility, at this point.
Tally ho!