DWL, Lahore Comes Alive!

It started with the LUMS Creative Writing Workshop and on Saturday, December 19 we’re convening at Cafe Life to formally kick off the currently dormant chapter, into a hub of life. Future events like book clubs, readings, game nights along with other one-off events in collaboration with LUMS and other universities, are on the cards.

It all starts with the meet and greet, ice breaker on Saturday. Details, below.
The What: Lahore Icebreaker
The Where: Cafe Life (Gaddafi Stadium, opp Pakistan Cricket Academy and next to Tobacco Masters)
The When: Saturday, December 19 5PM-9PM
The Extras: Not a member, but interested to see who is? Drop by. A member, but you’ve been dormant for so long, you can’t remember your last post? Come along anyway. Have a friend who you think will be interested? Bring em!
If for nothing else than meeting with likeminded people, who’ll give you something to talk about and then some. Don’t be shy…show us some Lahori spirit. Don’t give us a reason to be disappointed with this city. Besides, if you’d like an in to future events, come along.
We realize that this is exam time for a lot of our student membership, but if you can pause for an hour or two, take a bookmark or flier, along with the possibilities of the future, we’ll be happy to have you.
Just please…don’t let the opportunity pass you by!
PS, It it counts for anything…Maryam Piracha, DWL Administrator and Papercuts Editor-in-Chief will be in attendance, so if you’ve got a bone to pick with MP, now’s your chance to corner her!