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Things have been a little slow on this blog, our Facebook group and pages (although recently, that part isn’t entirely our fault!), twitter pages and website and for that, we apologize. Please know that we are reviewing competition results for our first members only Flaunt It, If You’ve Got It writing competition and associated Desi Awards.

Now that the cover’s ready and designed for Volume 6, the issue will be published shortly as we contemplate further policy changes for our ezine submission format.

Meanwhile, the next pick for the Isloo book club is Kafka’s Metamorphosis, a meaty philosophical classic and possibly the first heavy read our participants have selected. Details on the whens and where’s of the event will be announced on this blog, on our website and (if Facebook’s accessible in Pakistan again), on our FB group and page.

We are alive! Things have just been in hibernation mode these past few weeks…


6 thoughts on “Future Events / Competition Results

  1. That's great to hear. I'm psyched for the next book club meeting. Can it please be after June 25th? My exams finish then and I really want to attend this meeting 🙂
    Goodluck with everything!

  2. Scheduling will start soon. The book hasn't been formally announced yet, so there is a chance that it might be somewhere in the first week of July.

    Suit you?


  3. Perfect! 🙂
    By the way, we're starting a Book Club in my university (for the students and faculty). The big inauguration with flowers, poetry recitation, speeches is tomorrow (The only excuse for this that I can come up with is…erm we like to do things in style? haha) Anyway, are there any words of wisdom you'd like to impart? 🙂 I know you've successfully led the Book Club in Islamabad, so is there anything you think we should keep in mind with regards to how to run a book club efficiently?

  4. Advice? 🙂 Pick easily available books for starters, things that you feel will have meaty discussion subjects, because you need a book that you can actually discuss.

    Most important is to ensure that the discussion doesn't go off in an entirely different direction, and I'm assuming this is going to be a large book club. I would advise keeping it as intimate as possible so everybody gets a say in the discussion.

    I'd also recommend that you assign a moderator, somebody who can steer the discussion, talk about the main points of the book, ask others what they thought, keep the discussion on track, etc.

    That would be my helpful tips to you, I guess 🙂

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