DWL for Best Literature Blog on the Pakistan Blog Awards 2011

We are so excited to be competing on this year’s Pakistan Blog Awards!

Being a community (instead of an individual) gives us a unique edge over other contestants in the Best Literature Blog category. As a writing forum, literature is what we do. Our members produce original material that we help workshop, edit and publish in our own literary magazine, Papercuts. The magazine also provides a platform for writers looking to get published who are not members of DWL. One of the central functions of the DWL blog, therefore, is to give out updated information on the writing community and the magazine.

But that’s just the start of what this blog covers. We cover literary events (see our blogpost ‘Critical Reading: The Murder of Manto’ for instance, or our coverage of the Karachi Literature Festival 2011). We share writing tips (see Noorulain Noor’s posts on writing techniques as an example). We comment on news in the literary world (see our take on the Greg Mortenson affair). The next step on the cards is to start featuring reviews.

So why should you vote for us? Because if you’re interested in literature, there’s so much you can take away with you from this blog. It’s not just about amateur poetry or the latest book someone’s read; nor is it region specific: it’s about everything to do with literature. And that makes us relevant and different.

Here’s how to vote:

1. Go to http://pakistanblogawards.com/2011/11/17/best-literature-blog-desi-writers-lounge/

2. Scroll down until you see the heading Best Literature Blog: Desi Writers Lounge.

3. You will see five yellow stars underneath that heading. Click on the fifth star on the right to give us a high rating. We’re attaching a picture to make this easy for you.

4. Wonder at how easy it all was. (This step is optional).

A big thank you to everyone who helps us do this!


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