DWL, Lahore Comes Alive!

It started with the LUMS Creative Writing Workshop and on Saturday, December 19 we’re convening at Cafe Life to formally kick off the currently dormant chapter, into a hub of life. Future events like book clubs, readings, game nights along with other one-off events in collaboration with LUMS and other universities, are on the cards.

It all starts with the meet and greet, ice breaker on Saturday. Details, below.
The What: Lahore Icebreaker
The Where: Cafe Life (Gaddafi Stadium, opp Pakistan Cricket Academy and next to Tobacco Masters)
The When: Saturday, December 19 5PM-9PM
The Extras: Not a member, but interested to see who is? Drop by. A member, but you’ve been dormant for so long, you can’t remember your last post? Come along anyway. Have a friend who you think will be interested? Bring em!
If for nothing else than meeting with likeminded people, who’ll give you something to talk about and then some. Don’t be shy…show us some Lahori spirit. Don’t give us a reason to be disappointed with this city. Besides, if you’d like an in to future events, come along.
We realize that this is exam time for a lot of our student membership, but if you can pause for an hour or two, take a bookmark or flier, along with the possibilities of the future, we’ll be happy to have you.
Just please…don’t let the opportunity pass you by!
PS, It it counts for anything…Maryam Piracha, DWL Administrator and Papercuts Editor-in-Chief will be in attendance, so if you’ve got a bone to pick with MP, now’s your chance to corner her!

Book Club (Isloo) Convenes For The Exorcist

Click here to be redirected to the Facebook event created for this purpose. But just to let you know the overall details, we will be picking out the next selection for January so if you’d like to be involved in that decision, come along. Remember to bring your book pick selections along, either as a list or in hard copy form.

And now, to the details.
The What: Book Club Meeting, Islamabad Chapter
The When: Saturday, December 19 @ 6.30 pm (sharp!)
The Where: Paper Microphone Cafe
The Extras: Click here for the FB event or here for any questions.
Hope to see you guys there!

LUMS Workshop Deemed Success!

For more information on how it went, check out Maryam’s post here. Attendees, if you’re reading this…let us know what you thought, either here or by emailing it in. We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve, so bring.it.on.


LUMS Poster Unveiled

Check out the poster (inset), signifying that one of our own will be speaking at the university’s first such event. As desi writers, we are excited! Are you?

We’ve been told that there will be a fairly solid turn out of desi writers there and as TPTB (the powers that be), we’re excited to finally put faces to those (creative) voices.

See you all there! Meanwhile, enjoy…

Creative Workshop at LUMS

For anyone who isn’t on our FB group, a forum member or who isn’t a fan of our page, this is for you.

LUMS is holding a creative writing workshop on Friday, December 11 at 5.30 pm sharp. There will be four speakers at the event, including our very own administrator and PAPERCUTS Editor-in-Chief, Maryam Piracha speaking about various aspects of the craft. Details below:

The What: Creative Writing Workshop
The Where: Main Academic Block, LUMS
The When: December 11 @ 5.30 pm sharp. Rs 100 entrance fee
The Deadline: Registrations end at December 9. RSVP to Hamza Farooq (hamza50@gmail.com)
The Speakers: Tamkeen Nadeem, CEO of Scribble Magazine will giving a talk on Creative Writing 101.
Miranda Hussein, a journalist will be speaking on creative writing with a focus on journalism.
Maryam will be speaking on the importance of workshops and critique, and help participants flex their brain cells.
Fariha Rasheed, CEO of Ink Magazine is another guest speaker.

We think this is a great, great opportunity for our Lahore and possibly Islamabad membership to take part in a first of its kind workshop, and are looking for a positive response.

If you have any questions, please email Hamza who is the event coordinator for the event.

Hope to see some of you there!


Book Club New Date Announced!

December 5th 19th, 2009

Desi Writers Lounge Book Club, Islamabad
In Session @ the Paper Microphone Cafe
6.00 pm.
Don’t be late!
And bring your suggestions with you. See you there!

Something Wicked Isn’t Coming This Way Yet

Although our administrator and event coordinator (yours truly) was a preplanned no-show for the book club, most of the other confirmed attending membership backed out at the last minute. As a result, we’ve had to cancel the meet and will be rescheduling it for some time in the future.

If you’re interested in attending and haven’t read the book, now’s your time to catch up. We’ll let you know when it’s going to be, at least a week in advance.
So see you on the other side!

Flaunt It, If You’ve Got It

The members only writing competition has gone live. Details available here. The caveat? You need to be a registered member, but the incentives for scoring a Desi Award are many.

For starters, we’re going to bring out a special issue of PAPERCUTS specifically for the best five entries submitted; entries will be judged on creativity and general well togetherness of the piece. Participants have six different titles to choose from and one limitation: they have to include the title in their piece, every word of it. How they do it, is entirely up to them.
Along with the above, we’re gearing up to compile and publish our first anthology; winners of the competition (Desi Awards will go to the Best Poet and Best Writer) will be guaranteed a spot in the anthology.
Thirdly, winners will get a certificate, a proper certificate of participation along with their names and the award won. They’ll be encouraged to frame it for display in their homes. 🙂
And finally, as a forum member participants will get a forum medal in their honor that they’ll carry with them forever. Something along the lines of ‘Best Poet, Desi Awards 2009’.
The deadline is December 31.
If you’re suitably interested in the above, why not register if you haven’t already and give it your best shot? Fresh registrants should have at least 10 posts to their name, and should be fairly active on the community in the run up to the deadline. We don’t want members simply registering for the competition and then forgetting all about us later. Members who truly appreciate the written word, are who we’re looking for, and who the competition truly stands to represent.
One of the many advantages will be direct publication, without having to go through our very brutal workshops. Needless to say, the piece has to be very well put together to qualify.
We are insanely picky that way.
Good luck!

Unveiling Our First Cover & Other Things

We are going through with the book club and The Exorcist as our pick of the month, on November 21 at the Paper Microphone Cafe at 5.30 pm sharp. We will also be picking the next selection, so if you know interested people in the city, or will be attending yourself, bring along some easily available books with you, as suggestions.

We had to change our original book selection because Divisadero wasn’t easily available.

And now, take a look at our first “official” cover for the latest issue of Papercuts; Vol 5 or our Fall issue. Like, dislike?

Post in the comments, below!

New Website Launched!

Our new website design just went live! Go on, check it out here. Tell us what you think; whether this new look suits us.

The Events tab is currently empty, but that will be filled in shortly. We’ve been working on new layouts for the e-zine and promise some covers coming your way.
Also, catch the new We, The Craftsmen link: an introduction to the team behind DWL from the people themselves. We’ve got our pictures up for now, those will soon be replaced by our caricatures. Yes, we will prove writers are willing to laugh at themselves!
So…what do you think?