NaNo 2015 — “What’s Your Story, Morning Glory”

In about three weeks, before Halloween night has a chance to become a fond, candy-colored dream, the 2015 NaNoWriMo season will begin. Exactly at midnight on November 1st, it’s an all-systems-go push to produce a 50,000 word  draft of a novel by the time the count validator shuts off on November 30th.

This year, I’ll be working with Desi Writer’s Lounge to host NaNo pre-planning workouts here on the DWL forums and blog. Come November, you’ll be able to join us in person for weekly write-ins at T2F in Karachi, or stick around here to virtually commiserate, celebrate, and produce your way through November.

In the lead up to the big event, I’ll be posting weekly prep posts, which are designed to get your creative wheels turning and get you thinking about the novel you’ll be writing come November. All prep exercises will be posted on the DWL forums where we can share our ‘homework’, as well as get and give feedback on what we’re producing. You’ll need to be registered in order to post on the forums. If you’re not a member, sign up here and include a note with your application that you’ll be participating in NaNo 2015.

This first week, we’re going to work on our story ideas.

To join this week’s prep exercise, log in to the DWL forums! You’ll find the “What’s Your Story, Morning Glory?” post here.

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