DWL Karachi Meeting & Reading

Looks like our Karachi chapter has begun its activity. Our members in the city met up for dinner and drinks at Ciao. A full account of how things went, is available here. Great stuff, and an impressive crowd. Seems the readings have build up something of a buzz about the site, which was admittedly, something we were looking for.

The city’s first ever reading will be taking place on August 3. Details follow:

When: August 3, 2008 at 7.00 pm

Where: DHA Club, Phase 2

Who’s Invited: Anyone who likes to read and write, and a) wouldn’t mind critiquing the work of others, b) would like to read out their own material or c) just wants to participate.

Reading Deadline (by which pieces must be received): August 1-2, 2008. No later, because it’ll naturally be a scramble.

Contact: readings@desiwriterslounge.net

Please note: This might well become a permanent thing in the city, and while we can’t guarantee anything, if your piece doesn’t make it for the deadline, it might be addressed in the next reading. We’re still following the “no piece goes unread” policy.

So note the information above, and start sending in your stuff. We’re hoping our Lahore chapter opens up soon, too. Then it’ll really be a party!



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