Of meetups and other events

Our third reading was a scramble in some bits, but went through without a hitch in most parts. We had no short stories at all this time, and between three poems and one very highly charged political piece, which was debated at length, our reading hit a new high.

An attendance ranging from some old established reading participants to some newbies to a new introduction altogether, we had a good time.

There are two more events I’d like to announce, however. The first is a play by one of our moderators: Osman Khalid Butt, who we’ve referred to here as Obi in the past. He’s directing a play entitled Superstar, Avatar and if the buzz around is any indicator, it’s the best play done so far. Show starts at 7.30 pm (last one’s on July 26).
Tickets available at both the Islamabad Club (where it’s being staged) and Illusions.

The second event is a meeting for the Karachiites. At long last, we’ve generated some buzz of our own around the readings and the other cities have begun waking up. Although not an “official” reading, I can’t guarantee that no reading will be done. Consider it an informal get together / meeting of the minds. Details below:

Where: Ciao on Zamzama

When: July 25 @ 7pm

RSVP: readings@desiwriterslounge.net

At best, you’ll get to hear never-before-seen stuff of our members. At worst, you’ll get to meet our members in Karachi.

No harm, right?

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