DWL shines at GALF Day 2

Even though our journey to Goa was fraught with drama (read Omer’s post Goa, Goa, Gone for┬ádetails) our first session was a success. DWL started off its first day at the Goa Arts and Literary Festival with a performance by Nimra Bucha and Adnan Jaffar of the play Yesterday An Incident Occurred, by Mark Ravenhill.

The play, with its dark humor and satire, went down very well with the audience and both the actors were commended on their performance. Initially the play was to be performed at the Inaugural Gala but it was postponed at the very last minute due to lack of time. But as our crazy 24 hour journey to Goa taught us, all’s well that ends well, and we were very pleased with the positive response from the audience. Kudos to Nimra and Adnan for putting up such a great show!