Goa, Goa, Gone!

DWL is in Goa for the IV Annual Arts and Literary Festival. Our group has been invited to attend as a Festival Partner. Guest post by Omer Wahaj (Managing Editor – Papercuts) peppered with some local vernacular.

Goa, Goa, Gone!

A strange and hectic account of several different places at several different times. 

5th December, 3 am, Dubai Airport

On our way to Goa but still in Dubai.

We have miles to go before we reach Mumbai.

We started from Karachi, with our guests Nimra Bucha and Adnan Jaffar. Afia forgot her Indian immigration papers so she had to stay back. Adnan, Farheen, Nimra and I made it to the flight out of Karachi but we couldn’t make our flight out of Dubai. JetAirways, being the Jut Airways that it is, left us high and dry, even though we ran a 400 meter marathon and almost beat Usain Bolt’s record trying to reach the counter half way across the United Arab Emirates. We were waiting at the Emirates transfer desk to get our tickets sorted when Afia strolled in and said, “Hello guys…” like nothing to it.

This is us goofing around at the Dubai airport.



5th December, 1 pm, Mumbai Airport

After finally reaching Mumbai, we had to take a bus ride from the international terminal to the domestic terminal, which took so long that for a minute I thought that the domestic terminal might be in Goa only.

6th December, 1pm, Goa

Reached Goa last evening. Something went awry and Adnan and Nimra couldn’t perform as per schedule. They’re doing it today at 3pm itself. A sitar/tabla/drums band tore it up in the auditorium. Amazing music.

Will be live tweeting some events and seminars. Keep yourself posted with @desiwriters #DWLinGOA


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