The Karachi Readers’ Club turns one


Over the past year we’ve read eleven books from different genres, consumed gallons of shikanjbeen, and stepped out of our reading zones. There is no one book that was unanimously liked or disliked. We’ve had heated arguments over the theme, style of writing and in some cases, the ending of the book. Even now there are some authors whose very mention makes some members’ blood boil.

IMG_0435The DWL Karachi Readers’ Club started a reading movement and other cities within and outside Pakistan joined it too. At present we have DWL Readers’ Clubs in Lahore, Islamabad, San Francisco Bay Area, and London. Quite an achievement, everyone! Applause all round.

To mark the first anniversary of the Karachi Readers’ Club we’re having a little celebration at the next meet, which you won’t want to miss because we’ll be giving away some cool stuff to three lucky people. And there will also be cake!

Join us on Friday, 8th August 2014, at 7 pm at the Liberty Books Outlet (near BBQ Tonite) where we will discuss the fantasy fiction novel Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson, and celebrate one year of reading.