DWL’s ‘A Novel November’: Messages on Author’s Day Part 4

We asked our members and Facebook followers to write messages to their favourite authors to commemorate November 1, Author’s Day.

Here we have messages about David Foster Wallace, Elif Shafak and Mohsin Hamid:

For David Foster Wallace,

David, reading you has been the single greatest privilege of my literary life. For what else can you call it when you come out from the single saddest book on loneliness, feeling of all things, un-alone?

Thank you, now and forever, and I am so so sorry that for you the disease remained life itself.

Sharaf Zia,
New York, USA”


(For Elif Shafak) “I want to thank you from the core of my heart for making the path of divine love so vivid and clear. For me, you are the Shams of our time, who gave all her love and attainments to not only a Rumi, but to all those who have that thirst and longing for love and knowledge.

Shahbano Kamran,
Lahore, Pakistan”


[Edited for clarity] “The beauty of Mohsin Hamid’s writing is that it is not biased. Mohsin Hamid has tremendously portrayed the positive image of Muslims in front of the whole world through his novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist. This has revealed that yes we have to focus on our fundamentals but we should not remain stuck with fundamentals if they may drag (us) towards extremism.

Javeria Irum,
Bhakkar, Pakistan


If you’d like to leave a message for your favourite author on Author’s Day, send us a note at info[at]desiwriterslounge dot net.