Read-a-thon your life!

#ANovelNovember continues! Speaking of which, do you despair of all the books you have piled up but don’t have time to read? Well, these read-a-thons are just the thing for you. The minute a long weekend is coming up (and in Karachi, every other weekend is a long weekend. Boo for city halat, yay for reading time!), get set and start reading. So what exactly are read-a-thons?

Simply, just substitute the number of kilometers run with the number of pages read (isn’t that far more fun?). Many read-a-thons have a set number of pages to read each day, anywhere from a 100 to 300.

Intimidated yet? Don’t be. While these read-a-thons are huge in the BookTube community (i.e. people who make videos about books), you don’t have to stick to them to the T. Take them as inspiration to make your way through your TBR (i.e To Be Read in BookTube speak).

And now for some awesome YouTube-spiration to get you started on your Read-a-Thon!

Catriona from Little Book Owl has some awesome tips and tricks to get you started on your read-a-thon. Rincey from Rincey Reads has lined up her #FridayReads and is taking part in a Read-a-Thon. And if you need ideas for what to read Ashley from Climb the Stacks has you covered.

Happy Reading folks!