Book Nerd Challenge November 2015

Hello, readers!

In case you missed it, DWL has been participating in the Book Nerd Challenge Nov 2015 on our Instagram (which you should totally follow BTW @dwlpapercuts). The challenge calls for uploading a bookstagram based around a different specific theme every day. A bookstagram is an artfully taken picture of books, reading and literary life. Below, I have posted a recap of all the ‘grams done so far, enjoy!

The Book Nerd Challenge

Day 1 – 
November TBR

Day 2 – 
Orange and Brown

Day 3 – 
Favorite Winter Reads

Day 4 – 
One-Word Title

Day 5 – 
Ditch the jacket of your favorite book

Day 6 – 
Book you recommend the most

Day 7 – 
Books set in the 80s or 90s

Day 8 – 
Book + Mug

Day 9 – 
Oldest book (open for interpretation)


And that is all for now. Which one is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments and see you tonight for Day 10!