DWL Lit Bites Nov 20

Hello, hello! It is Friday and therefore, time for weekend reading! In today’s edition of DWL Lit Bites we bring you the hilarious stylings of Nicole Cliffe at the Toast who calls out every book a typical white man would have on his shelf. In a similar vein, Rebecca Solnit disregards Esquire’s list of 80 Books Every Man Should Read with her own 80 Books No Woman Should Read.

1. The National Book Awards were announced this month and the literary community has been very pleased with Ta-Nehisi Coates’ win for Between the World and Me, the most important text for understanding race relations right now.

2. Rebecca Solnit rightly takes down Esquire’s 80 Books Every Man should Read. “All those novels by men that seem to believe that size is everything, the 900-page monsters that, had a woman written them, would be called overweight and told to go on a diet,” she writes, highlighting the disease of publishing, that books written by men are universal while those by women are chick-lit.

3. Nicole Cliffe at the Toast takes a cheekier stance on this publishing problem by making a list of the books every typical white man has. Re White Masculinity: See above.