DWL Lit Bites- Nov 27

Apologies for the late post, this blogger has been insanely busy with her day job. This week, the theme is NaNoWriMo. Our own team members have been busy NaNoWriMo-ing. Check out all the action in the tweets below:

1. Speaking of day jobs, the folks over at Electric Literature made a gorgeous inforgraphic of the day jobs that inspired authors. So if you think your day job is stopping you from writing your masterpiece, here is some inspo.

2. Lest you think you cannot finish your novel, here is a list of 14 novels that were published after being written during NaNoWriMo.

3. And what if you’re just done with this month? Here is Sarah Seltzer from Flavorwire on why NaNoWriMo is driving her nuts this year.