DWL Lit Bites – Jan 22

Hello bibliophiles! Did you hear about the online poetry workshop that we have going on our site? ┬áRegister now if you haven’t already. We guarantee you and your poems will emerge workshopped and wiser. And now for this week in literary news:

1. Remember last week when I was all about American Housewife by Helen Ellis? Well, what is life without a thinkpiece or two, especially about books about housewives? Over at Slate, Laura Miller discusses why the housewife novel is making a comeback.

2. Re: the above item, The New Yorker published a fantastic essay about marriage and the novel. “In literature, the desire to find an equal, and the belief that love in its ideal form should comprise a meeting of minds as well as bodies, appears to be a much greater psychological driver for women than it is for men. This abstract difference ripples through the novels that men and women write in all sorts of ways.”

3. Moving on to less domestic matters, Jan 19 was the birthday of the master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. Interesting Lit has compiled a list of 10 of his stories everyone should read.

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